From Hurt to Healed™

Greensburg, PA - October 4th, 5th, and 6th

The Authentic Healing Retreat with Sanna Carapellotti, MS, Cht

It's time to resolve those hurts that, up until now, you have not been able to heal.

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“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”
~ C.G. Jung

Greetings from:

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt
Alchemist and Strategist
Hatha Yoga Instructor
HeartMath Coach


There is an old saying in my line of work that goes something like this --

If you do what you always got, you will always get what you always got -- the same things over and over. You have to change something!

Essentially, we create the future, day-by-day, using the emotions of past hurts and traumas as our guide. We stay stuck.

If this sounds familiar to you, read on...

Let's say you experienced chronic stress as a child.

Your parents were alcoholic, fought a lot, and you witnessed domestic violence.

You walked on egg shells, hid in your room, couldn't focus, and were very obedient, hoping to create family peace. You were sick a lot with infections, colds, and flu.

As an adult, you resist socializing, suppress anger, try to fix everyone and everything, have an autoimmune disorder, and have recently been diagnosed with ADHD. When you go home, you regress to your nine-year-old self.

Childhood coping strategies are triggered in adult life,

These coping strategies were established to survive the stress you experienced during childhood. Strategies such as, being ill, passive, clingy, avoidant, dissociating, throwing a tantrum, crying.

The emotions and coping strategy become intricately integrated in the subconscious mind - body because they occurred frequently, were reinforced, and offered relief. They were important when you were a child.

As an adult, when you experience a certain level of stress or a similar stress to that which occurred earlier in your life, you will unconsciously activate the emotion and the childhood coping mechanism. Clients report feeling as if they have been taken over.

This above-mentioned client was on meds for autoimmune disorder, adult ADHD, and anxiety and depression. Week after week of long therapeutic discussions about her childhood did not touch the suppressed emotions she carried forward into adulthood.

The scenario above can apply to any situation. Many experiences today are related to early life stress and inherited trauma.

The key is to make these hidden stresses and patterns conscious.

At this point, you might be breathing a sigh thinking, "How do I do that?"

You have been hurting for so long. You might not believe you can heal that hurt!

If there is a part of you that's ready to transform your life, I want to personally invite you to make the journey where you will be honored at...

From Hurt to Healed™

Let's begin.

Everyone has valid questions and below are ones I am commonly asked, and they could be your questions too:

  • "Why do I feel stuck all the time?"
  • "I can't get over my childhood. Can I?"
  • "Is there something wrong with me? I've tried therapy six times!"
  • "Can I heal a surgery trauma?"
  • "Do I have to love my toxic mother?"
Your symptoms are a challenge, not the problem.

Yes, symptoms and struggles are a nuisance and a painful, constant companion - but they serve a purpose.

Symptoms message you through the voice of emotional or physical pain and are associated with unresolved hurts and trauma from past events.

These symptoms are designed to inform you that something requires your attention. That maybe you have been ignoring important aspects of your life. That healing awaits you.

The body doesn't lie or keep secrets.

Bessel van Der Kolk's, M.D., Psychiatrist, book, entitled "The Body Keeps the Score" reminds us that the body is the mind - and the mind is the body.

It's easy to believe symptoms are normal,
so you ignore them, hoping they'll pass.

I didn't listen to my symptoms, until I collapsed at the ripe old age of 28.

Panic, depression, anxiety, and physical ill-health symptoms seriously threatened my quality of life. As I think back, I can see now that my body pain and ill-health seemed as intense as unresolved traumas and emotions I held within me. Have you noticed this?

Someone once asked me if I had experienced any trauma.

I quickly replied "NO!"

And then it hit me --

The childhood emotional abuse...

Being gaslit in a relationship...

My mom's sudden death...

A date rape...

Several assaults...

My father's PTSD...

We can identify with, and feel oddly familiar with our struggles, so much so, that we believe that they are  'normal.'

Aspects of trauma reside in the brain and body.

Like me, many of my clients had sought therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and counselors, who helped them talk through life issues.

Traditional therapy can be a slow process, sometimes taking years. One client remarked that she 'was done talking her head off!' Another was in therapy for eighteen years and still hated his parents. Others complain of 'understanding' the issues, but gaining little relief.

For me, no one connected the long list of trauma and adversity I had experienced to the equally long list of body pains and emotional problems I was having. Traditional approaches continue to separate mind from body.

You might be frustrated too. And then...

I was introduced to energy psychology approaches.

My first Alchemical Hypnotherapy session shifted my perspectives dramatically.

Interestingly enough, a year-long training in Alchemical Hypnotherapy was starting the very next week. I made a snap decision to certify in this dynamic process.


I believe I was led to this style of processing all after I trusted a friends' recommendation.

I suspect you're looking for something, too.

Bring your hurts and struggles and expect to process them in ways that, more than likely, will  shift your perspectives and change your life. If you have worked with me in the past, you know how quickly perspectives and and all can change.

Through out this weekend you will touch in with your highest self, connect with universal wisdoms, sensible solutions, and updated perspectives. Healing occurs in the deep mind.

Maybe you're wanting to understand your personal psychology, whether or not you have inherited family trauma, what your symptoms are telling you, or maybe, to take a leap here...

You are ready to heal that hurt.

Now is a good time to meet Roberta:

From "Addicted" to Allowing Grief!

Roberta, a successful sales executive, sought assistance for addictions, which included cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol.

She had tried acupuncture, hypnosis, patches, going cold trukey, and medical recommendations without success.

While I normally do not work with addictions, I agreed to work with her because she wanted to explore core related issues.

In our first, and only session, Roberta related that she smoked and drank daily, sometimes both at the same time. Most evenings she passed out from excessive alcohol.

She also reported a feeling of deep sadness throughout her entire life that was unexplainable. She revealed that her mother died when she was 9 months old.

I discussed the impact of mother-infant separation, especially when a mother dies, and the relationship between addictions and early childhood loss.

I set up a 3-D process for Roberta and I instructed her to imagine her mother in front of her and to repeat healing statements, some of which were - "You are my mother, my only mother... You died young... It was too much for me... I am a woman now with three young children and a husband... I carry deep, life long sadness and worry that I will die young too, like you..."

"... In my right time, I will come to..." (reunite in the afterlife).

After this experience, I did not hear from Roberta.

She missed her scheduled followup call.

Three months later I received a call from Roberta.

She reported that she experienced deep grief for about 5 weeks and followed the recommendations I offered.

A short time later, she said she woke up on morning and reclaimed her life.

She stopped smoking completely and within two weeks quit drinking alcohol.

She brought her mother into her life in the ways I suggested and expressed a deep peace that had replaced the lifetime of sadness.

Life events do not define the experience we have with them,
We do and carry it forward in time, whether we realize it or not.

Don’t know how to help yourself?

===>  You'll discover and experience strategic options.

Don't know why you are hurting?

===> We don't always need to know, but you can still heal.

Can't stop your mind from racing?

===> You will learn how to manage your mind and body.

Your life and process are honored and embraced in a sacred way. I believe that... 

Within you is a strength greater than any life challenge.

What you are going to read next may re-establish your faith in your healing potential.

Remember me mentioning my mother's sudden death as one of the traumas I experienced?


For many years, without realizing it,
I suppressed the belief that I killed my mother.

When my Mom died, I exploded, fragmenting into millions of pieces.

With a sudden gasp, I went dark and out emerged 'smiling Sanna.'

Ever have the lights go out in a flash during a violent evening storm?

Here's what happened ==>

My mom just returned home from the hospital after the birth of her sixth child.

I was thirteen years old, happily watching her dote on my baby brother while she was chatting with my grandmother who was sitting nearby. Little did I know it was the last of family joy.

Suddenly, my mom threw the baby into my grandmother's arms and collapsed.

As I stood by watching her being wheeled out on the stretcher, I didn't think anything of it, because 'mothers come home from the hospital.'

The massive brain aneurysm that took her life two days later left us - six children and our father - speechless and stunned.

The family as we knew it was gone, and
we continued to lose ourselves through time.

We went to school the day after the funeral.

We were not allowed to cry tears or speak of her.

Even some family members stopped visiting.

I shook in fear as those who believed they wanted to help us tried to separate us - in our best interest.

As time went on, the impact of her death and the after shocks took its toll in ways that weren't directly related to the tragedy. We all presented a solid social front.

All too often, family trauma of this magnitude is generally avoided, ignored, minimized, or superficially addressed.

And most children are left to their own resources to cope with trauma and although they appear to be doing ok, the child needs to be supported, comforted, listened to, and allowed to grieve.

Remember this: there isn't a situation
from which someone has not survived and healed.

I share this experience in some detail here, in part, because you have more than likely experienced something that rocked your world.

Lack of support and one's perception about a trauma can do massive damage to one's life.

Bessel van Der Kolk, M.D., trauma researcher, says that most people, by the age of 35, have experienced at least four traumas that are unresolved and will affect health and wellbeing over their lifetime.

Perhaps, because of repeated failures, you have given up on healing.

Never, ever, EVER give up on healing. 

Do you know that trauma is the #1 Cause of Death!

Years ago I made it my mission to find ways to resolve personal pains without the risk of re-traumatization.

I wanted to understand how the mind-body system worked, how to update one's perspectives, to teach adaptive coping measures, and to build resilience. My traditionally trained health practitioners did not understand that the collapse in my twenty's was complex trauma related.

When I heard Gabor Mate, MD, make the statement that trauma is the number one cause of death, many things had come together in my professional practice and personal life.

Unresolved trauma can cause illnesses, addictions, personal failures, social conflict, anxiety, and depression.

As is shown in the research, every condition and disease has an emotional component that can be related to adversity or trauma ===>

Heart attacks and strokes, cancer, addictions, obesity, social dysfunction, obesity, academic failure, attachment difficulties, anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity, allergies, ADHD, chronic illness, mood issues, and the behaviors of perpetrators.

Trauma implodes and explodes into our lives and is unlimited in how it can show up in random ways throughout our years when one least expects it.

Resilience is a natural part of us.
But we can also create it.

We all want to understand our problems and discuss our stories.

We talk about being angry or depressed and glean an insight here and there, but wounds and hurts do not heal through talk alone.

Energy Psychology approaches are hands-down one of the most effective ways to resolve trauma and long-standing struggles quickly.

When you engage yourself in processing the experience, you enter into the subconscious mind-body network, where your life is contained. It's similar to the basement or the attic where we toss valuables and inheritances, broken or otherwise.

Ninety-five percent of your life is driven from what is stored in the subconscious.

Doesn't it make sense to explore and to clear out what is outdated, damaged, and not useful to you?

No one ever told you that --

Your mind is yours. You can question it. You can change it.

Your family and culture programmed your subconscious mind.

Now you can re-decide how you think and what you believe.

Being involved proactively with tapping (EFT), constellations, dyad work, journaling, resilience building, and hypnotherapy - processing will open you to new horizons.

This is healing!

"I was speechless and stunned many times through the weekend." R., Pgh

The subconscious mind is a recording processor that is one million times more potent than the conscious mind. The problem is that it is outdated, distorted, and always contains the beliefs of others by the conditioning we receive.

In the subconscious, there also exists a universal intelligence, referred to as the higher self.

I teach you how to access this strength.

This deep-mind strength can be facilitated through conversation, trance states, tapping (on acupressure points), or walking amongst the trees. You will embrace profound "AHA" moments, love, compassion, ease, connection, and transformation.

We cannot imagine healing wounds that have been hurting for decades,
but you can.

Going back to what I shared above, here's why I thought I killed my Mom:

For about eight months prior to my mom's December death, I received messages, saw visions through dreams and premonitions, and had other experiences while awake, telling me that my mom would die, and I would live without her.

My mother would intercept my tears by day, and calm my screams in the middle of the night.

I never told her what I was experiencing.

I would pound my head to make the images, feelings, and thoughts stop.

Why was this happening?

I adored my mother. She was loving and fun, and she taught me so many things.

Through this work I was stunned when I discovered my belief that I killed her and recalled these moments when she comforted me. In an alchemy session I gained a broader perspective on what happened to me the moment of her death, how I shut down, went dark, and how my intuition was presenting itself.

After her death, our family carried on as if nothing happened. We did not know how to live without her, we had no where to go emotionally.

My father was told that there was no need to worry - "kids don’t grieve".

The local parish priest and the Bishop tried to convince my Father to put us in an orphanage because “No good man raises six children.” (I was an eavesdropper as I child.)

My father kept us together.

However, it was truly a blessing that, at the time, was shrouded in a profound darkness.

Adult distress and illnesses stem from trauma
that occurred during childhood and in our lineage.

We all have a story, and those pain-filled stories are carried forward as trapped emotions that we repeat over and over again.

These stories of adversity that occurred years ago continue to disorganize and short-circuit us today because the mind believes it is still happening. but we call it stress.

A grandparent drank himself to death as a young age. Grandmother 'gave away' their four children to family members and friends. Three of those children never married or had children.

A Mother is depressed; child is depressed. As a grown up, she is on antidepressants.

These emotions are felt and passed down from parent to child. Our internal, subjective world manifests into our lives and resides within the energetic body. An inescapable fact is that we compensate and sacrifice ourselves in response to our environment.

How is your world today?

How was your world when you were a child?

Every life event has healable aspects
including a tragic death.
The Sanctuary You Seek is Within You!

Healing does not come with instructions. It occurs in mysterious, unpredictable ways, and is operative every minute of every day.

Sometimes healing takes time.

Sometimes healing is instantaneous.

Within the subconscious mind you will discover the heat of hidden, ignored, or dismissed trauma and adversity, along with a formidable strength.

The wholeness of our experiences is significant in our healing process. Do not believe that -

"It's in the past." 

"It's over!" 

"There's nothing you can do about it!" 

"You can't heal that!" 

With a deep focus on the wound, you will suffer needlessly, as this steady focus adds additional layers of stress to our pains.

But this perception is changing and attitudes are shifting, as we understand more clearly the mind-body system. The growing body of research teaches us that we have a charge over what we do with life events once they occur.

No one connected my significant drop in academic and artistic achievement to living in a traumatized home environment that skyrocketed after my Mom's death.

As a child, my developing intuition would plague me for years to come. I had no idea that 'knowing' was being tuned into an invisible world, that I was not causing other people's pains.

Like mine, your symptoms have value, although you might not know their value right now.

I couldn't fake it anymore.

Presenting a social image is exhausting, mainly because your authentic self, your creativty, desires, joy, ability to love, and so much more is suppressed with the trauma. Your life energy  works to keep the trauma suppressed and there is not enough resource for enjoyment.

Do you keep pain and suffering inside and to yourself?

I was really good at smiling, but if someone would have flicked a finger at me, I would have shattered like a china doll.

I find it fascinating how the mind serves to protect us. We are able to find creative, seemingly adaptable ways to provide relief - but although these methods come from good intentions, they end up hurting us more!

Healing is an inside job, a deeply personal one.

I was determined to heal - first, help myself, so that I could help others. As I re-entered the field of helping, having left the traditional psychology behind, I educated and trained myself in the growing field of Energy Psychology, yoga, brain science, and HeartMath Stress Solutions.

Every life experience has value
and guides us.

Every pain, struggle, and trauma has potential value.

Every fall, scrape, and deep wound can heal us.

Every wound, hurt, and challenge contains wisdom.

When you discover the wisdom within the wound, your life automatically changes.

These hurts are the proverbial tunnel through which we pass, grow, and transform ourselves.

Whether you know it or not, the light has been within you all the time...


What You Can Expect During This Event

I invite you to join me and an exclusive group at the annual From Hurt To Healed Retreat
in Greensburg, PA, to be held on October 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2019.

The From Hurt to Healed™ Introspect

Say yes to take time for yourself; Say yes to strengthen and transform hurts; Say yes to step away to breathe...

From Hurt to Healed™ advances your healing quest.

I share over thirty years of professional and personal training, education, and experience.

My expertise in energy psychology and personal skills offers faster resolution of stress, struggles, and trauma, including inherited trauma.

Healing occurs in connection with others, in communion with nature, through quiet introspection, whether it is within the group at-large, breakout groups, and one-to-one experiences.

Together, we do this...

Attend This Retreat If You:

  • Can’t let go of an upset, struggle, or trauma, and you are ready to do what it takes to heal it
  • Love doing personal growth work and want a boost
  • Want to learn how to self-heal and build resilience
  • Are beginning your healing journey
  • Don't know why you struggle with anxiety and mild to moderate depression

If one, or more, of these applies to you, then you owe it to yourself to consider joining us.

* Important: Attending this gathering is NEVER a substitute for medical care, therapy or professional services. If you are diagnosed with PTSD, you may need private services before attending a retreat like this.

Come relieve the emotional burdens you carry ===>
  • Childbirth trauma
  • Current family or inherited stress
  • Environmental disaster
  • Grief and loss
  • Mother issues (of all kinds)
  • Car accident
  • Business and money issues
  • Military deployment stress
  • Reasons unknown
  • Habits and Patterns
  • Medical trauma
  • Relationship Conflicts
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What’s New for 2019!
  1. You will retreat at St. Emma's Monastery in Greensburg.
  2. You will have Heart Coherence electronic devices for use throughout the weekend.
  3. Outdoor playtime experiences.
  4. Periods guided silence.
  5. The Good Night Sleep Effect will deepen restorative sleep for healing. Includes a diffuser, essential oil complex, sleep audio, and tea light.
  6. A 2-hour pre-retreat webinar entitled, " How Our Lives Reveal The Problems And the Solutions" to help you discover the source of healing. I will lay a foundation for how I work and prime you to increase your confidence that ==> You. Can. Do. It!
Beyond talk, here is what you will experience ==>
  • Trauma tapping using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • 3-D Energetic Family Constellations to heal inherited trauma
  • HeartMath Stress Solutions to establish mind-body coherence
  • Guided Imagery to access the subconscious mind
  • Meditation to experience higher self and intelligence
  • Yoga, mindfulness, and breath work for mind-body support
  • Read a guide book of strategies for self-healing
What attendees say about From Hurt to Healed™:

This was the BEST thing I could have done for myself, that was to attend your retreat. I have gone to multiple counseling sessions and your session retreat was the best at getting to the core issues AND clearing them. I feel so free from junk and family stuff! I am so glad I took the risk! I was percolating!

Anonymous, From Hurt to Healed™ 2018 Attendee

Since attending Sanna’s retreat, I am experiencing a freedom I have never known. I moved away from living next door to a narcissistic mother, divorced, bought a home, lost 45 lbs., and am living the life of my dreams. I am happy every day now.

J., From Hurt to Healed™ 2018 Attendee

Sanna, I don't how to thank you. As you know, I attended the Rte. 51 concert in Las Vegas in 2017, the worst mass shooting in America. My anxiety was through the roof. Your expertise and guidance helped me resolve a piece of the experience and gave me the tools to help myself when necessary. Still using them!!! Very glad I attended!

Anonymous, From Hurt to Healed™ 2018 attendee (Las Vegas)

There was no need to name the trauma, rehash it, be re-traumatize, or even speak it out loud... yet I could feel the emotions "moving" through me. I found the group dynamic itself to be very healing. At one point, as I was releasing deep sadness, I could feel unspoken love and support coming from my classmates and from Sanna. It was extraordinary!

I emerged from the session with zero emotional reactivity around the trauma I set out to heal. I also experienced a deep secondary, an unexpected healing of a childhood wound. Fascinating!

Angela Brown, From Hurt to Healed™ 2017 Attendee

Within you is a strength greater than any life challenge!
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Let me ask you this --

How many people have offered you advice?

How often have you taken the advice?

Within each of us resides both the problem and the solution, meaning the answers are within you. This work is self-guided and self-healing. You have everything you need to have success.

Imagine having experiences like these:
  • Immersive, open healing using 3-D energy psychology processing!
  • Instant relief through tapping away stress of all kinds!
  • A clear mind after challenging the narratives and beliefs you hold!
  • Experience potent mind-body network through shamanic journeys!
  • Expand the skills of wellbeing to rebound after any life struggle!
  • Discover how to activate your third eye connection through meditative experiences!
  • Realize the power and charge you have in your life and much more!
We will engage in discussions on practical healing,
which may include:
  • The Dark Side Of Healing: Why you won’t move on
  • Why Staying in Good Company heals you
  • Digestible Brain Research 101 and why it matters so much
  • Inherited Trauma: The power to heal the family bleed
  • Tapping for Life: The instant game changer you need to know
  • HeartMath Stress Solutions: Sustainable resiliency for today
The Healing Power of Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is a collection of mind-body modalities or approaches for understanding and improving the human process and functioning.

EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations, including the bio-energetic system of the body. (ACEP)

The broad field of energy psychology umbrellas many modalities, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Inherited Trauma Constellations, Hypnotherapy, and others. My specialties are listed below.

I apply these approaches to the wide range of stress
and trauma my clients present with a high rate of effectiveness.


Some life shifts occur organically, while some require assistance or shaping. When the emotion is neutralized, the brain changes, and other life improvements occur.

Clients who struggled with anxiety and depression due to traumas that weren't considered during traditional treatments, reported relief, which included ==>

Parent-infant separation, mother issues, grief, body pain, surgery empowerment, inherited trauma, performance issues, and other life stresses have found healing when my Core Healing Initiative was applied.

By the weekend's end, you will have learned and experienced a series of mind-blowing, life-shifting, hurt-relieving experiences.

The direct application of each strategy will be witnessed, practiced, and some will be learned.

My specialties include:

Sanna is brilliant at this work.
I refer patients to her when the need arises.

Valerie Donaldson, MD, Regenerative Physician, Pgh, PA

A recruiting basketball coach gave me alcohol and then, tried to rape me. I was 17. It was an aggressive, horrifying assault that I thought I had to live with forever. I almost drank to death. It’s behind me now because of Sanna's work. I am free. So, so grateful.

Anonymous, From Hurt to Healed™ 2017 Attendee

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From Hurt to Healed™ is a 2.5 day
immersive healing experience.

Staying together under one roof opens the door for a true healing experience in relationship with others because most of our wounds occurred within a relationship.

This support and connection is critical for healing.

Although I prefer to be fluid with scheduling to stay on the pulse of our work together, it is important to be on time for meals!

Healing burns calories and we will be hungry!

I reserve the right to adjust the processing schedule as necessary to enhance the group experience.

This tentative schedule of the 2019 From Hurt to Healed™ retreat is as follows:

Friday, October 4th:

Arrive at St. Emma’s: 1:00 - 2:30
Introductions and The Quest for Healing: 3:00 - 6:00
Dinner and break: 6:00 - 7:45
Building Resilience/Learning EFT: 7:45 - 10:00
Good Night Sleep Effect: 10:00 - 10:20
Free time: all night long

Saturday, October 5th:

Third Eye Mediation: 7:00 - 7:20
Breakfast: 6:30 - 8:30
Morning session: 8:30 - 12:00
Lunch/free time: 12:00 - 1:45
Outdoor mindfulness activity: 1:45 - 2:15
Afternoon session: 2:15 - 5:30
Dinner: 5:30 - 6:45
Evening session/event: 6:45 - 10:00
Good Night Sleep Effect: 10:00 - 10:20
Free time: all night long

Sunday, October 6th:

The Good Life Meditation: 7:00 - 7:20
Breakfast: 6:30 - 8:30
Morning session: : 8:30 - 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00
Afternoon session: 1:15 - 4:00
From Hurt to Healed™ Concludes at 4:00

A few things to be aware of...

From Hurt to Healed™ is designed to be a smaller, exclusive group of nine individuals. In this way we can work together more closely within the collective.

This is dynamic processing work, not talk therapy. We all "borrow benefits" whether it is from a story, an insight, or a tear.

You could:

  • Work one-on-one with me
  • Be involved in someone else's healing
  • Process in duos, in a group or alone
  • Be engaged in an activity inside or outside
  • Be on a yoga mat
  • Be sitting at the fireplace

Prior to the retreat, we will discuss any personal needs, including dietary needs, and your goals during a scheduled twenty-minute Focus Consult.

After registration and payment in full is complete, I will send you detailed information about the retreat. When you arrive at St. Emma's Monastery, you will receive the following:

  • Your Sacred Journey guided audio
  • Your From Hurt to Healed™ Strategic Guidebook
  • Detailed instructions about the retreat and your stay at St. Emma's
  • Your Good Night Sleep Effect kit
  • My undivided attention, guidance, and grace

This experience was the most beneficial program I have ever attended. Sanna gives you the tools to help you heal from hurts and traumas. The group setting was also helpful in listening to other participants share about their immediate results.

Millicent A. Smith, 2017

Sanna, I thought I understood my issues. I had been in therapy for 8 years! What I received from you at From Hurt to Healed™ was not worth a life-time of therapy sessions.

B, 2016

Click Here and Claim Your Seat >
We have reserved a serene, beautiful location for you!

Join us for three empowered days at St. Emma's Monastery in Greensburg, PA.
The perfect place for you to get to know yourself in a new way.

St. Emma's Monastery Benedictine nuns and volunteers are seasoned purveyors of retreats of all kinds, all-year long.

The quiet simplicity of the campus and the Monastic Retreat Home we will occupy is what drew me to spend this weekend here with you.

There is space to roam and breathe, sit and pray, laugh and connect.

There are places to have privacy while you take in the landscape and wildlife around you.

On the campus is a chapel and other spiritual places if you should want to commune with spirit.

The seven Benedictine nuns who live on campus prepare the meals and care for the retreat space - Mother MaryAnne, the Director, is delightful, extremely kind, funny, and helpful.

Because our lives are locked and loaded, being at St. Emma's will give you the opportunity to step away and reconnect with yourself and others of like mind - but mainly, to touch in with your soulful spirit.

With the focus on you and healing with others, away from distractions, discover your truth and a new level of calm and peace to carry forward.

Many lives have been transformed and healed in this heavenly place.

Together, we will create our own blessings and leave our own imprint of love for others who arrive after us.

You will receive full details of your stay at St. Emma's after you are confirmed to attend From Hurt to Healed™.

Location: St. Emma's Monastery
Address: 1001 Harvey Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: 724-834-3060

Your private room and board is included with your registration!

ACCOMMODATIONS: Our group will occupy the Monastic Retreat House, which is a two-story home with nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a family room area, and a fully-equipped kitchen that we are free to use for meals and snacks.

A private bedroom and bathroom await you, along with linens and towels provided by St. Emma's. There are laundry facilities if you need them.

Eight of the bedrooms are located on the second level of the retreat home, and one, located on the first level, is a handicapped bedroom - however, it is used by all.

ROOM and MEALS: The private room and six meals, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon are provided and included in the cost. The meals are homemade whole foods that are prepared fresh daily.

During my recent visit I dined on a lunch of ham, salad, fruits, and a side dish with vegetables from their garden! They also offered mac and cheese, cherry pie, and ice cream.

If you have specific dietary needs, Mother Maryann asked that I communicate any allergies to them so they can prepare the meals to meet you rneeds if possible.

You are welcome to bring food to prepare meals if you desire. Bring snacks for yourself and to share with others. I will have snacks available for everyone.

RETREAT SPACE: The spacious family room and kitchen are located on the first level of the retreat home we will occupy. You simply walk down the stairs into the comfortable space where we will spend the weekend together with hopefully - weather permitting - a roaring fire, a cup of your favorite beverage, and essential oils wafting through the air.

It's a comfortable room with couches and chairs, a table, and fireplace. We are free to re-arrange the furniture to meet our needs and can use the space each day as long as we desire.

SPACE WE WILL USE: We will use the indoor space most of the time. Weather permitting, we can enjoy the campus and sacred places during breaks and mealtimes.

DRESS: Wear comfortable, casual clothes. In the constellation work, you might end up sitting on the floor, so please dress accordingly.

The trauma is past. Just a memory now. It’s over. I am doing well... I even found myself tapping at work today when I was feeling stressed! I can't thank you enough!

D.F., From Hurt to Healed™ 2018 Attendee

I haven’t been feeling the pain of the losses as deeply as I was. The sadness is lighter and I do not find myself thinking of my loved ones as no longer being with me on earth, but strong in spirit. Sanna, to say thank you - I want you to know I mean way more than the commonplace "thank you".

M.C., From Hurt to Healed™ Attendee, 2017

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This is an exclusive, samll and intimate healing experience.

As I mentioned above, so you receive the support you need, I will only enroll nine people.

We offer a convenient payment plan that makes it easier for you to become one of the 9 people who will enjoy true healing and authentic comraderie.

Your registration fee is all-inclusive: Payment includes the 2.5 day healing retreat, The Guidebook, Sacred Journey audio, 20-minute private and group consult with me, The Good Night Sleep Effect, private room and bath, and six meals, and, above all, your transformation. Priceless.

Watching you in action, Sanna, was mesmerizing in and of itself. You are masterful in how you guided another participant to her transformation. I was speechless. You are beyond helpful, kind, caring and loving. Thank you!!! You did the same for me!

J.C., From Hurt to Healed™ Attendee, 2018

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Since you have read this far,
a few thoughts before we begin.

From Hurt To Healed™ Introspect will guide and teach you to process old hurts that you have not been able to heal, to discover ways to face future adversity, and to sustain and build resilience.

You will gain confidence knowing that when life throws you a curve ball, you got it covered.

If those hurts and traumas have weighed you down and held you back, attend From Hurt to Healed™ Introspect.

If you've tried things that haven't worked, accept this invitation.

If you want to take charge of your emotions, your mind, and your life, this retreat is for you.

In just two-and-a-half short days, I will guide and facilitate an experience that could conceivably change your life for a long time or forever, like you read in the testimonials above.

For the very low investment and just a little bit of your time and commitment, you may find yourself seeing entirely new possibilities for yourself.

You can't put a price on that.

Now's the time.

Today's the day.

Let's go From Hurt to Healed!

"Yes Sanna, I Am Ready To Go From Hurt To Healed™ ... Starting Now!"

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