Why Can't You Be Done With It?
Junk Food, That Is.
It's not a question of willpower - but you already knew that.
That's why you're here.

Sanna was so kind and welcoming. I admit I was embarrassed to bring Ho-Hos to my session. I used to eat 6 packages every single day! That was 8 years ago - haven't touched one since. Done. ~ S. E., Pittsburgh

Greetings from:

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt
The Soulful Strategist, Hatha Yoga Instructor, HeartMath Coach

I was just shocked when I learned that...

The Food Industry paid 40 BILLION dollars to lobby the US government to stop all reform against junk food consumption!

So you believe that eating junk food is risk-free?

Despite the lobbying efforts, the realization that 'junking' has devastating effects on your body, moods, and lifestyle can no longer be denied.

And people, like you, who are wanting to make more health conscious decisions and have difficulty following through with them, can now reclaim real power more potent than the potato chip.

People die prematurely by their own hand.

We have all been given warnings ("You need to cut back on...") or hear information ("Sugar has been shown to...") that tells us we need to stop eating synthetic foods.

We may agree, yet feel lost, in terms of how to approach the beast because when we use junk food to quell our pains, we become hooked on the need for relief, the food of choice, the immediate effects, and the spiral downward.

We feel trapped in what I call the Cycle of Despair - believing that we are helpless and that we can't stop.

And the habit of polishing off the bag of potato chips - or slurping down four sodas a day - continues to wreak its havoc on our bodies...


Weight gain.

Joint pain.

Digestive issues.

Foggy brain.

Low energy.

The solution?

"Just stop it and exercise" is the advice family, friends and health care professionals offer.

Well, not many of us can go cold turkey.

And unless your quality of life is threatened, it is not necessary.

Do you know that exercise is a strategic response designed to, once again, put the blame on you?

You are overweight and hurting - because they insinuate that you are lazy and not exercising.

Yes, you need to move your body.

However, there is a deeper snare  - which I will reveal as you continue to read this page - and then be privy to, at a much deeper level at the One-Day Retreat you are invited to attend.

Stay with me for just a few moments more...

First, my truth: my health was failing at the ripe old age of 27.

Yes, I was a junker.

Coffee and cream sticks for breakfast.

Fast food for lunch.

High glycemic foods for dinner.

And lots of gum and candy bars.

I was told by an ER doc that I would be diabetic soon and lose a kidney... and "BTW, take these drugs".

I said NO, quite loudly.

But I had no idea what I was going to do, or how to manage the revolt when my brain was screaming at me and the cravings were twisting my psyche.

I was killing myself with junk.

It wasn't just me - this affects a lot of people.

Here are just four experiences I've encountered:

A client was four years old when her infant sister died. With my help, my client remembered the only time she ever saw her grieving mother smile was when she (my client) had ate more food. At four, she learned the power of eating too much food - and the habit continued for over 50-years.

"Lisa," while going through a divorce, was also parenting four children and growing her business. Every night she sought solace in a big bowl of cool, creamy, sweet ice cream to relax. Twelve years and twenty-two pounds later, ice cream evenings were a habit.

A client's grandmother, who survived the Great Depression, used the guilt trick to encourage overeating of sweets when he was a child. "What? You don't like my cake? Please, have another piece of pie?" She would tell stories of her stomach pains because she was starving and how she missed her grandmothers baking.When he kept eating, this pleased her (and relieved her own fears for him). When he refused food, she panicked for his health! He scarfed down sweets every day for decades!

When I was young, my Mom, sisters, and I used to bake chocolate-chip cookies together. After she died when I was thirteen years old, I furiously baked cookies every weekend to fill the void she left behind. Then I would shovel down up to 25 cookies in one sitting.

Why do we overeat junk food?

I believe there are several factors that cause us to overeat junk food.

  1. Human beings live stressed, fragmented lives and suffer through the effects of varying degrees of struggle and trauma.
  2. We have relatively few, healthy coping skills for managing what happens in our lives. We are taught to internalize, suppress it, and suck struggle up. "It'll be fine."
  3. The Food Industry crafted convenient solutions to guarantee the relief you seek from the stress you feel -
    1. By creating the just right sugar/salt/fat/synthetic combo to relieve you of your pains.
    2. To keep you as a customer who is seeking relief for pains of all kinds and believing that junk food is the antidote. Their profit, your loss.

We use the junk food to change our inner ecology from hormonal states of despair to relief, ease, or calm.

And we do feel better -- temporarily.

But then... the spiral downward begins.

Pain intensifies.

We are also programmed to use food when we believe we have earned the right to overindulge, or go to our junk food of choice when we have success, suffer, or have been wronged.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

Great day at work? Let's celebrate at happy hour for drinks and chips!

Bad day at work? Let's go to happy hour for drinks and chips! (Note the similarities?)

Had a fight with the significant other? Cookies help!

Someone finally called you back? Grab a soft drink!

We train ourselves to reach for junk food when we feel certain emotions, and program ourselves to associate feeling good (or not-so-good) with the potent punch junk food offers.

Junk food re-calibrates the brain by releasing feel-good hormones.

And you will need more and more as the demands of stress increase and your condition worsens.

Who doesn't want more feel-good hormones circulating in the body?

Did you know you can create them yourself, without junk food?

The food industry is brilliantly strategic -
but you must be smarter.

After this workshop, you will be tuned into the games and deceit that program your subconscious to trust that this method of coping is okay and actually helpful - which it is superficially, but at a cost.

As we work together, I've discovered, that in doing these workshops, everyone's unique piece of the puzzle of their junking experience provides teachable moments for everyone.

When you sit with your junk food, you will discover a profound aspect that has slipped right into your subconscious.

Guess who put it there?

Yes, that's right! Big Food.

Oh, it's genius. The bright colors, the packaging, the coatings on potato chips, the just right layering to make you salivate -- and your reward center to light up!

Do you realize that when you order dessert, the chef in the kitchen and the corporate bean-counters portion out a mathematically calculated size of carrot cake that may be the size of your head?

Even with all your good intentions, once you take that first bite, you can't stop.

Wait... who's in charge here?

You must take control of foods that you know threaten your well-being and health.

Do you realize that there are equally potent strategies that I will teach you that GET YOU BACK YOUR POWER so you can make decisions based on what you need and want, not what they believe you should have?

It's easier than you think!

No, you cannot solve this by dieting, skipping
the junk-food aisle, or eating at home more.

Overeating junk food has an overlay of stress, emotional, hormonal, and physiologic responses; possible current life or inherited trauma; and lack of education and information on the issues discussed above woven into the experience.

In this progressive work, everyone's initiating factor is different - and generally can be resolved or settled.

In some cases, additional work is needed.

Sometimes it's due to an event that occurred during childhood (a trauma or stress).

Sometimes it's because of inherited trauma (it was Grandma, not you, who starved during the Great Depression).

Sometimes it is due to challenging current life stress (work, relational conflict).

Once you put that first bite in your mouth, you risk overeating, especially if you are already stressed or triggered emotionally.

In fact, the same part of the brain that gets activated by sugar/salt/fat/synthetics is the same reward center that is activated when one is addicted to heroin!!

Will dieting, skipping the junk food aisle, or eating at home solve junk food eating?

Probably not, but you have already tried that!

You can neutralize experiences fairly quickly and learn how to manage them with my Core Healing Initiative.

Arming yourself is the key.

Fortunately for us, this is a problem
we will solve together.

With training and education, you can stop being manipulated.

In the case of one client who ate the Ho-Hos, her transformation occurred in approximately 20 minutes.

Another client, who had a serious addiction to diet soda since the 1980's, has not had a sip for 4 years after a one hour session.

Instead of being programmed by stress, you will re-program yourself with new perspectives, potent practices, elevated empowerment, and conscious choice and intention.

Yes, you can be done with junk food - or managing yourself in totally new and effective ways:

  • "Grandma, your pie is the best! I really savored that one piece. It was so delicious!"
  • "Today was a really bad day at work. I am going to tap to clear it out so I can relax!"
  • "I love baking cookies! I'll just have these two for me, and I'll take the rest to the party, they'll love it!"
  • "Thank you for letting me know the special desserts! I am very satisfied with my meal, though."

I ate ice cream every night at 9:00, like clockwork. Since my session with Sanna, I have not touched ice cream in a year and a half. I don't miss it either. Don't want it. Unbelievable! Ice cream is a food I overindulged to the point of a sugar stupor. I did not substitute anything else either. Fascinating, just fascinating. ~ S. M., Moon Township.

Who should attend?

This retreat is for you if...

  • You have attempted to BE DONE WITH eating or drinking one specific junk food and want help
  • You use junk food to manage and cope with stress
  • You want to empower yourself to make healthier choices
  • You need to stop sugar because of a recent diagnosis
  • You want to improve your health, and maybe lose weight
  • You do not like being manipulated and want to be more in charge of yourself
  • You want to set yourself free of being enslaved to junk food

This workshop could be the answer you've been searching for all along.

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Come, discover your strength. Say YES
to your health and happiness!

You are invited to join me and an exclusive group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday, March 16th for our first-of-its-kind gathering, Be Done With It: Transform That Junk Food Craving Into Power!

You will experience 3-dimensional processing work that gets to the root cause of food addiction and overeating so you can enjoy a life of conscious choice and intention.

You will go home with a notebook full of tools, strategies and the knowledge you need to continue strengthening your life.

What I'm most excited about is ===>

What you will bring with you, but
will NOT take home...

Bring the food you can't seem to get enough of.

By the time we're done, you'll probably leave it at the retreat location.

As Sanna requested, I brought the cake and Coke I was addicted to. Honestly, this made me nervous because I had no idea what we were going to do. Sanna is a master at slicing (no pun intended) through the experience that brought me to the core cause and finally, the termination of the habit. It was fascinating. I was done! No desire; no craving. I also lost weight. Go figure. Best session and very enlightening! ~ B. A. S., Pittsburgh

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My Core Healing Initiative (CHI) involves powerful, energy psychology methods and modalities, and my 25+ years of professional training and my personal healing work, including:

Food fights, drunkenness, and arguing at the dinner table were an everyday thing when I was a kid. I would just stuff myself with food hoping to not hear the screaming matches. Sanna literally cleared the table of this stress and I stopped eating their anger! It was really cool! Now I can eat in peace! ~  Lill D., Harrisburg.

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This will be an authentically healing
one-day retreat for you.

Of Special Note to you:

1) This is designed to be a smaller, exclusive group because I have found that individuals, like you, are ready to dive in, and not just hear more and more information about what to do. We actually do it.  You will get the personal attention you need within reason.

I cannot guarantee that your work will be completed. However, I can tell you I have terminated food issues in an little as 20 minutes.

2) This is processing work, not talk therapy.

This 3-diminsional work potently and gently reveals the issues that lurk beneath the surface. You may find yourself tapping on pressure points, projecting images, lying back listening to a guided journey, or working on an Insight Sheet.

You will benefit all day long through one-on-one processing with me, when someone else is working, and together as a group. We all "borrow benefits".

This experience is yours - and only yours. You will leave clearly empowered, reconditioned, and free of the wrath of junk food!

I nursed almost 400 ounces of Diet Soda every day. Using Hypnotherapy and EFT, Sanna helped me stop drinking the poison permanently. It has been 5 months, AND NO CRAVING AT ALL! I thought I was healthy because I was slender. WRONG! I am HEALTHIER now. THANK YOU!!! ~ Wayne B., Pittsburgh

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We have a beautiful location for this
"Be Done With It" day retreat.

As the perfect pairing with your empowering experience, my newly-decorated office awaits you and offers a comfortable setting to immerse yourself in this authentic healing retreat.

Thousands of transformations have already occurred in this room - and you will stoke the fire for yours.

Retreat Location: You will receive the address to my home once you sign up.
Retreat Day and Times: Saturday, March 16th, 10:00AM until 5:00 PM.
Cost: $149

After you sign up, you will receive information about what to bring to this retreat.

As an example, you will bring a junk food you are ready to reduce or stop eating (your decision, not mine).

Here are just some of the junk foods I have helped people manage: fried chicken, pastries, ice cream, cake, pie, sodas, Skittles, Cheerios, Snickers, bars, potato chips, cookies, bread, donuts, pasta, french fries. fast food burgers... Bring it on!

Pepsi was killing me! I gained weight, had mood swings and my blood sugar was getting worse. Using Sanna's approach, I have not had one soda since 2007. ~ Rachel D., Pittsburgh

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Getting started is easy to do.
Here's how.

This is an exclusive, boutique-healing experience. In order for you to receive the personal attention and support you need from me and the group while at this retreat, I will only enroll 8 people.

As a result of our recent community survey, and from conversation generated through our Facebook page - Your Quest for Self-Healing, and in the Pittsburgh area, these spots will go fast.

My weekend and day retreats are upfront and personal.

Right now, join us for the introductory rate of just $149 - a small investment that will change your life. I guarantee it.

Thanks for this year! For the first time in my life, I can say I've met the perennial goal of losing what was weighting me down. I am the only one who can change my life. What you have done is radically change the way I respond to, and live in, my life. All hail to you! ~ T.C., New Hampshire

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Since you have read this far,
a few thoughts before we begin.

This retreat will change your relationship to the food you bring with you to the retreat, the food group the food represents, or junk food in general.

Whether a life shock, or day-to-day stress, initiated the overeating, you will discover more about your strengths and feel empowered to manage your health and well-being.

Preoccupation with Junk Food Fixes has prevented you from enjoying the health and freedom of mind you deserve, up until now.

If you've tried things that haven't worked...

Accept this invitation.

In just one short day, I will facilitate changes you have not have believed possible, up until now, with my Core Healing Initiatives (CHI), a journey that could change your life for a long time.

For the very low investment, and just a little bit of your time and commitment, you may find yourself seeing entirely new possibilities for yourself.

You just can't put a price on that.

Now's the time.

Today's the day.

Go from From Hurt to Healing™ in this area that has been so challenging for you, up until now.

"Yes, Sanna, I Am Ready To Be Done With It! ... Starting Now!"

Just go here and claim your seat now (you will be taken to complete payment and confirm your reservation):

Enroll Me Now >>>

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, we’re ready to help!

E-mail sanna43@mac.com or call (412) 344-2272 today!